YouTube Troubleshooting

An illustrated design featuring a masculine presenting person, looking at a phone or tablet, sitting in front of a tv that is downloading content.

To watch from your computer or mobile device

Click on the link in the event info.

To watch on your Smart TV

Navigate to the YouTube app at or just before the start of the event, search for the JCC of Metro Detroit Channel and select the appropriate video. (Tip: If you visit the channel and find the video in advance, you’ll have the option to set yourself a reminder.)

Click here for directions for setting up YouTube on your Smart TV.

To interact during the event

To comment or ask a question directly during the event, you must be watching on your computer or mobile device. If you are watching on your smart TV, you can text your questions to a number that will be provided at the event.

For the best experience

To streamline your experience, we recommend visiting the JCC of Metro Detroit’s YouTube channel ahead of time. There you can subscribe, get notifications of new videos, set a reminder for specific videos, etc. If you lose track of a link for a specific event, you can always find it on our channel.”

Still having trouble? Want to talk to a human? Send us an email ([email protected]) or call (248) 609-3303.

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