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Mitten Mornings: Robert Kass

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Get to know Robert Kass, attorney and author of To Save the Nation.

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Headshot of Robert Kass, author of To Save the Nation

About the Author:
Robert E. Kass is a Detroit-based lawyer and author of three highly-acclaimed non-fiction books. To Save the Nation is his long-awaited first novel. It was inspired by actual events Kass learned about as a young attorney practicing in an international law firm in Brussels in the 1970’s. His initial motivation in writing this book was to raise public awareness of the “the Missing,” or desaparecidos of Argentina’s “Dirty War” in the 1970s, so that they would not be forgotten.

About the Book:

In To Save the Nation, Attorney N. David Winkler takes on the challenge of a lifetime. 

His client: A Latina, Maria Theresa Romero, whose mother died and left a letter revealing a series of shocking family secrets. First, she wasn’t her real mother. Next, the man she always knew as her father was really former Argentine military, the murderer of her biological mother. Finally, her real father was an Argentine banker, who allegedly died in the crash of private jet with millions missing from his banking empire. But did he really die in the crash? 

The lawyer’s mission:  To either confirm that the banker died in the crash, or to find him. He has little time, as others join the race to find the banker and the missing fortune. 

His nemesis:  A former Colonel from the Argentine regime, who is about to join the high ranks of U.S. Homeland Security, to do in this country what he did in Argentina, “to save the nation.”

Could it really happen here? Robert Kass’ first novel is a fast-paced legal thriller, inspired by actual events.



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